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Spell Bowl

The Indiana Spell Bowl Elementary Division allows students in 4th and 5th-grades to join a team at their school and compete against other teams in a state competition. Each year a list of 750 words is produced and sent to coaches.

Coaches work with students to learn meanings of the words as well as how to spell the words. It is a GREAT way for those who are "word lovers" to learn new words or for those who are NATURAL "spellers" to challenge themselves. Coaches often hear back from teachers in 4th and 5th-grade that students are starting to incorporate some of the new words they learn into the classroom daily.

Last year, 523 teams comprised of over 5,000 students competed in a one time competition at one of 45 sites across the state. Students who have interest can tryout for the team by taking a pre-test of Spell Bowl words. No more than 2 teams of students will continue to participate. Students are responsible for attending scheduled team practices, studying on their own a minimum of an hour a week outside of the school day, and attending the competition with their team.

Spell Bowl is a wonderful way for students to learn some new words, work on spelling, and have some fun along the way at practices with others!