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Math Bowl

Math Bowl is an academic team designed to stretch kids' math skills. Fourth and 5th-grade students who show an aptitude for math are invited to be on the team. During practices, students work together to solve sample problems focused on number sense, computation, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, statistics, and probability.
At the April competition, teammates work together in groups of three to solve as many math questions during their round as possible. The competition will consist of four rounds with each round consisting of eight multiple-choice questions which will be read to the students and projected on the screen simultaneously. After consulting with the other team members at the table, the team captain will answer each question. The questions are timed and the team members have 30, 45, or 60 seconds to answer each question, depending on the level of difficulty. Students are also allowed to use a pencil and paper and/or a calculator for help. A proctor will grade each response before the next question is read.


Math Bowl is a terrific opportunity for kids to learn more than they would in the classroom and they get the chance to collaborate with other brainy kids!