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Students Plan Tribute to School!

posted Jan 29, 2015, 10:08 AM by webmaster mck   [ updated Jan 29, 2015, 10:08 AM ]

MCK students plan tribute to school!

After reading a book about reusing and repurposing, a group of McKenney-Harrison Elementary School students in Raihanne Garrett’s fifth-grade class felt called to do the same.

The group — named the Transformers, after the book title — set about brainstorming what it could do to reuse and repurpose something. It settled on the idea of using bricks that will come from the old Harrison School building when it is torn down as part of a school renovation project.

The group felt strongly that the history of the old building should be incorporated in the new construction. The group’s project proposes using the bricks to form pathways leading to a flower garden at the school’s front entrance.

“We had a lot of debate,” said group member Abigail Squiller as she recalled discussions on the project. The group considered a well and even a fountain before agreeing on the flower garden and brick pathways. Plan call for having names of the students in the Harrison School’s first class from 1930 engraved into the bricks. The students found the class names after conducting research at the Willennar Genealogy Center.

The students presented their idea to their principal, Carrie Alday, school district Superintendent Sherry Grate and the DeKalb Central school board and were met with enthusiasm and encouragement.
The students hope to raise $1,500 through activities and donations to cover the cost of the project.

The garden and pathways are expected to be complete by December 2016. By that time, current members of the group will have moved on to middle school, but they have pledged to continue working on the project on weekends. They also are recruiting current fourth-graders at McKenney-Harrison to take over the group once they are gone.

Current members of the Transformers are Kodie Rennaker, Kayden Slone, Logan Wilson, Whisper Palmer, Jayla Brown, Cierra Singer, Abigail Squiller, Mikenzie Lalonde and Grace Nofzinger.

The group will provide updates on the project on its blog,transformergroup.weebly.com.

Article from The Star
Written by Kathryn Bassett