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Reflections from 2nd Grade: Miss Wilhelm's Class

posted May 23, 2013, 10:10 AM by webmaster mck   [ updated May 23, 2013, 10:17 AM ]

Wow! We are at the end of the school year already! As we finish the year out, second graders were asked to write about the best part about 2nd grade! I modified some of the spelling so that it is easier to read. Here is what a few kids had to say:

The best part about 2nd grade was the first work hard play hard party because I got to get on the computer and play cool math. Then me Ela and Abby played the Wii on the pro board. It also was the best part because we got to watch a movie and have popcorn with m&ms. Also we got to make paper airplanes. The best part about the work hard play hard party was playing with my friends. And that was the best day of 2nd grade.      



The best part of 2nd grade is…Zumba. Zumba is when a teacher teaches us how to dance. It is fun. You even get to listen to music. We do Zumba because it helps us to exercise.



The best part about 2nd grade was when we got to chew gum for juicy words because I learned (to use) juicy words in my writing and chewed gum. Also another best part in 2nd grade is I have the best teacher in the whole world because she helps us learn and understand! Also meeting new friends because we can stick up for each other!



The best part about 2nd grade was math because you get to learn a lot of math. The best part about gym was that you get to run, hurdles, and other fun stuff. The best part about lunch was you get to each good and delicious food. The best part about data is that you get to see how you are in 2nd grade. The best part about reading is you get to test your fluency when you read!



The best part about 2nd grade was the store because we got to shop for lots of things. I love 2nd grade! The store is a place where you can shop for toys. When we shop this month it’s based on calendar marks. Not on how much money you have. We earn money by having a good attitude. The money is fake because if we have real money we would be mad. I love 2nd grade because we get to have money.



The best part about 2nd grade was the store because I can get stuff. The money is fake. I get the money from doing a good job and the jobs. We have a pay day and we get 5 dollars on pay day.



The best part about 2nd grade was that (we) got to play at recess with my friends. Another one was that we got to go to Science Central. There was a lot of cool things. And when we got to do Valentine’s Day everyone brought lots of candy. There was sweet tarts, fruit snacks, and a lot of other stuff… meeting new friends at recess.