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News from Mrs. Myer's Class

posted May 9, 2013, 9:42 AM by webmaster mck   [ updated May 9, 2013, 9:52 AM ]

 Wow, how this year has flown by! It is hard to believe we are in our last couple of weeks! I have had a wonderful year with an amazing group of kids. I could easily write and tell you all about their assessments, their growth, and just how proud I am of each and every student, but instead I would like you to hear all about it from the kids themselves! I asked the students to do a quick writing activity to tell me why they are ready to move on to third grade. Here is what I got back from a few of them…  

I have corrected a few minor spelling errors as I typed these up, but other than that this is the words of the students! J



I think I am ready to go to third grade. I think I have grown as a math student. I am faster now. It usually took me a really long time. I think I am ready. I have really become an awesome reader. I have grown. I have learned strategies that really helped. I think I have become a better writer because my writing was all over the place. I have really become a better speller. I only knew the, on, of, look, like, and a lot of easy words. I used to think reading, writing, and math were hard and boring but now they are easy and fun. That’s why I am ready for third grade.

By: Elizabeth


Dear People,

I am ready for to go to third grade because Mrs. Myers has taught me a whole lot that I need to know. And I know I am smart enough for the toughness of third grade. I know math, reading, writing, science, rules, and daily 5. I just know that I am ready for third grade!! I have always heard that third grade is a hard grade but I want proof. I just know I’m ready!! Second grade is great but third grade is even greater!!!!

By: Amber




Why I am ready to be a third grader!

Because Mrs. Myers teaches us a lot of things. I am very good at math. My teacher teaches us like third graders. I know lots of things that third graders know. Lots of people tell me that I am smart. And I know that I am ready for third grade!

By: Deseraye




I think I am ready for third grade because my reading levels have gone up a few since the beginning of the year. In my math my scores have been going up. I can tell because in the beginning of the year my scores were mostly B’s but now in the end of the year I am mostly having A’s. In my NWEA since the beginning of the year I have gone up at least 5 in my reading 10 in my language 5 in my math. I turn in my homework a lot. I have only 1-2 missed homeworks that I did not do. My spelling scores have only 5 14’s and all the rest 15’s.

By: Alex