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News from Mrs. Bennett's Class

posted Jan 29, 2014, 10:33 AM by webmaster mck   [ updated Jan 29, 2014, 10:33 AM ]

Kindergarten "How to” Writing Study

Last week all kindergarten classes began a study on “How to” writing.  To begin this unit of study, students made a list together in class about what they are good at: doing, making, and being.  Next, the kindergarten students chose one topic from this list.  We chose “How to eat an Oreo” as the first whole group writing activity.  We discussed the steps it takes to eat an Oreo and soon found out that many of us eat Oreos in different ways.  Some of us eat them bite by bite, some of us eat them by twisting and licking the inside first, and yet some of us mentioned dunking them in milk as we eat them.  After we discussed the steps out loud, we all ate one Oreo to give us the inspiration and words for our writing.  Last, it was time to put our verbal and physical steps in writing.  As the students choose their own topics, they will try to include all steps so it is clear to the reader “how to” do, make, or be something.  “How to” writing has proven to be a fun way to explain to someone else what steps it takes to doing various activities!